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Moving Company: 4 Useful Tips To Keep In Mind When Moving Heavy Furniture

Large pieces of furniture are great to have in your house. They often ooze elegance and class. But trouble comes when it's time to relocate them to a new home. Moving your piano or hardwood dining table can feel like an uphill battle. But you don't have to do it yourself. You can hire a moving company to help you handle large furniture. The following are useful tips to help you relocate the furniture during the house-moving houses.

1. Plan in Advance 

Before you drag the piano down your stairs, it is best to plan how to get the furniture to its destination. If the new house is empty, waiting for the moving day, you could figure out how to arrange the space and the furniture. Ensure that the doors and pathways are big enough to allow you to arrange the furniture. Your preferred moving company might help you with that during the pre-site visit to ensure everything goes as planned.

2. Disassemble If Possible 

Disassembling furniture can complicate the moving process. This is particularly helpful if you have awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture that protrude or are hard to pass through doorways and pathways smoothly. Professional movers can help you disassemble the furniture since they have the relevant skills and experience. The movers will also pack the pieces carefully to avoid damage and label them appropriately for an easy time at the new house.

3. Use Ramps 

If you plan to carry heavy furniture through staircases, you risk injuring yourself or damaging the furniture. Professional movers often use ramps to bring heavy furniture down the stairs. Ramps are also essential in loading the furniture into the truck. Besides ensuring safety, they make work easier and more efficient. 

4. Choose a Suitable Moving Truck

Another important factor to consider when moving heavy furniture is getting a suitable truck for the job. The furniture will likely use up a lot of space. You may need a truck with ample space to avoid damaging the furniture. Professional movers can help you determine the right size of truck to choose to ensure the safe relocation of your belongings. 

Are you worried about moving heavy furniture? Consider working with a moving company with the relevant equipment and trained hands for the job. They will assess your moving needs, get a quality truck, and transport furniture to your new house. Remember to use these tips to avoid mistakes and enhance the process.