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Five Things To Do When You're Moving On Short Notice

Sometimes, you may have to move on short notice due to a new opportunity or a change in circumstances. Moving under such conditions will put one under a lot of pressure. In the process, many things can be overlooked. Ensure the following five things are done when you're planning on moving.

Make a Reservation with the Movers and Truck

There are periods of the year when movers have tightly packed schedules. If you don't reserve a spot with your mover of choice, you might find yourself stuck or settling for a very undesirable option. Make a booking with your moving company as soon as you've confirmed the date that you'll be moving out. If possible, avoid times that are likely to be busy such as Fridays, the end of the month, or during summer.

Rentals can also be competitive, so as soon as you know you are moving, get on the phone and secure your moving van rental.

Use the Right Packing Materials

When moving in a hurry, it's tempting to throw your items into all manner of boxes and containers. Weak boxes can collapse and bin bags can get ripped open. This can damage very valuable items. Not packing fragile items with protective material could have you unpacking an expensive mess at the end of your move.

Get Storage for Items you'll be Leaving Behind

Whether it's because you don't have enough space in the new house or you'd just rather not move with the items, it's a good idea to have the items you won't be moving with in storage before the move date. Many people find themselves stuck with items they didn't plan on moving with and this can cause unnecessary delays.

Get All the Keys from the Previous Owner

Ensure that the previous owner of the house you're moving to has given you all the keys. Some doors may have more than one lock which may leave you unable to enter your new home. If you don't have keys to some of the rooms, this may delay the unpacking of your things or unable to use the only door that's wide enough to pass certain items through.

Let Others Know You're Moving

It's not unusual for someone to turn up at the wrong doorstep or for items you purchased to be sent to the wrong address because you forgot to notify people that you're moving. Even if it's short notice, try to notify any persons that may come looking for you that you have moved to a new place. Ensure that you provide a change of address for all pending deliveries.

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