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6 Tips For Helping Seniors Move

Whether you are helping a loved one move into an assisted living home or you are encouraging your parents to downsize to a smaller house, helping others move can be difficult. After all, moving is already a difficult task on its own. When you throw in downsizing, you are tasked with many new challenges to consider.

Tip #1: Use a Realistic Timeline for Moving

By the time many seniors are thinking about moving into a smaller home, they may have already accumulated many items that need to be boxed, donated, or thrown away. Physically, seniors may also move more slowly than you are used to. You may need to slow down your pace to match theirs.

Tip #2: Save Beloved Mementos & Memories

Now is the time to begin saving mementos or divvying up gifts. You and your loved ones should not feel obligated to throw anything in the trash that you do not feel comfortable with. Many people feel more comfortable downsizing when they know their items are going to somebody they care about.

Tip #3: Draw a Map

Use a floorplan of the new living situation to draw where furniture and other large items will go in the new house. Understanding where each item can go and how much space is left is easier when you have helpful visuals.

Tip #4: Label Boxes by Room or Purpose

First, divide items into boxes labeled by purpose, like "Yard Sale," "Give to Kids," or "Garbage." For the items that your loved one intends to keep, label the boxes so that you can easily determine which room you need to take them to upon arrival.

Tip #5: Pack "Keepers" First

The earlier you begin packing away items you and your loved ones want to keep, the easier it will be to throw away the items you do not want to hold on to. Packing the "keepers" first also makes the moving process move more efficiently. It also helps to eliminate mental blocks people often have toward moving after they've spent so much time in a home.

Tip #6: Be Prepared for Emotions

The process of moving, especially after a long time in one place, can be overwhelming on an emotional level. Even when you are helping your loved one, you might need to take frequent breaks to allow them to fully take in what is happening.

Moving is always a bit of a struggle, especially where downsizing comes in. With storage solutions and moving options at your disposal, you can move forward with your move. Contact a company like Smith Dray Line & Storage Inc for more information and assistance.