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Moving Homes And Taking Firearms? Follow These Tips

Are you planning to move to a new home soon but not sure how to transport your firearms to your new place? If so, you may be wondering how to do it safely and securely. Here are some tips for moving to a home when you will be taking your firearms with you.

Hire A Professional

If you are already planning to use a moving company for your upcoming move, then you are already in a great position for having your firearms transported without any issues. Moving companies are allowed to handle the transportation of firearms as long as certain rules are being followed.

It is important that your firearms are unloaded before they are moved. They should also have the safety mechanism turned on. Moving companies are not allowed to transport any ammunition, since ammunition is considered to be a combustible material. If ammunition is put in the back of a hot moving truck, it is possible for the ammunition to explode due to the heat. This is something that can be completely avoided by making sure that the ammunition is not packed in the moving truck. If you think you can hide the ammunition in another container, know that you could be making a very dangerous mistake.

Pack The Firearms

Be sure to ask your moving company how they want the firearms to be packed and labeled. It will be important for them to know where the firearm is located, especially if it is in a box of other items. However, they may request that you do not obviously label the box in a way that identifies that there is a firearm in it. If you are moving the firearm in a case or safe, you will want to make sure that the case is locked so that others cannot open it. Look into having a case ready to go before your moving date to avoid any issues.

Consider placing ammunition in your personal vehicle when traveling, so that it is separated from the firearms and in a vehicle that has running air conditioning. This will help prevent the ammunition from getting too hot to the point where it becomes hazardous.

A full service moving company can help you. Always ask if the moving company you want to use will handle the transportation of firearms, and if they have any special requests when doing so. With their help, the job of moving your firearms can be a lot easier.