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Your Timeline For Preparing For A Move

Conducting a move, whether over a short or long distance, can be a highly involved process. You'll want things to go off with as few hitches as possible, and that means making some preparations. Here is a timeline you can use to prep for a move.

8 Weeks Out

Start looking for a moving company and getting quotes. Try to talk with three different businesses, but don't just focus on price. Ask about the conveniences a residential moving company should offer, such as padding, packing materials, and labor. If you require storage for items, this is a good time to line that up, too.

It's also time to get to know all of the stuff you've been stowing away since you moved into your current place. Be sensible about what really needs to be retained, and make an effort to donate and sell items that aren't necessary or deeply cherished.

4 Weeks Out

By this point, you should have selected a moving company to assist you. Go get packing materials from them or another source, and get to work on putting stuff into boxes.

Also, purchase masking tape and markers so you can put labels on items. Include critical information, such as which rooms the items came from and where they'll be going. Segregate anything that might be going to storage so you don't get things mixed up. The same goes for anything left that you haven't donated or sold yet.

It's also wise to take pictures of anything you value. Purchase a separate memory card for your phone or camera to make sure you can set the images aside. Back them up to a cloud storage system, too. Tie the pictures to an itemized list so you can easily track things down. If there is a problem during the move, this information will help you in submitting an insurance claim.

The Last Week

You should begin decommissioning the old homestead. The refrigerator and freezer should be unplugged at least four days in advance of a move to allow them to warm up. Clean them out, and then let them air out, too.

Shut off all water lines in the house. Drain the lines at least a day or two before you plan to leave. Contact the utility companies and inform them that you want services disconnected on or after the last day that you'll be spending in the house. Call the moving company to confirm your appointment.